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Boating in North America may be intimidating if you do not know anybody or never been there. Things are different than in the rest of the world as you can imagine. But they are great! This territory is so vast that there are tremendous opportunities all over the continent and you can enjoy sailing almost the entire year. A good crew finder network like Coboaters offer the same kind of service than VogAvecMoi with a focus on North America and the Caribbean.You can find crew and boats thanks to from Florida to Alaska, from New England to California including the great lakes region and even Mexico, the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

The website and the associated blog ( were launched in early 2022 and the concept of co-boating was very well received by the boating community right away. There are hundreds of boating enthusiast who use the platform to sail for a weekend, an afternoon, a racing program, a boat delivery or a longer offshore passage. Coboaters covers very well both the Atlantic and the Pacific coasts and partnered with numerous organizations like Yacht Clubs, Sailing Schools, Regattas organizers. 

In addition to the crew finder network, Coboaters provides multiple marine and sailing information still with a focus on North America.

Why use a Crew Finder Network in North America?

As stated earlier, America offers tremendous opportunities and different sailing and boating styles. If you want to enjoy boating, you need crew and friends who own boats if you don’t have your own vessel. A crew finder network dedicated to North America will allow you to:

  • Be aware of sailing events and opportunities all over the US, Canada and the Caribbean
  • See what kind of boat and what skills are required
  • Be able to create your own profile with your own boating resume
  • Post notices to look for a crew or for a boat
  • Connect with hundreds of passionate fellow sailors
  • Make friends
  • And more importantly sail and share time on the water.

To Conclude :

Don’t be shy, check and connect with other boaters as soon as you can. Build your sailing network by joining a co-boating club. You will certainly be able to meet with the right crew or the right boat owner and you will explore North America by the sea. 

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